next-generation protection
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DARKMATTER PROVIDES industry-leading supplemental protection for
law enforcement, first responders, and warfighters.

armor stops the bullet
not the risk of injury

Serious injury can still occur after ballistic armor has done its job—that’s when DARKMATTER™ matters most.

When ballistic armor stops a penetrating event, the resulting kinetic energy transfer and back face deformation (BFD) can still cause severe bruising, broken bones, organ damage, and other complex traumas. DARKMATTER’s cutting-edge composite technology disperses this dangerous kinetic energy and mitigates back face deformation, resulting in fewer injuries and a faster return to the fight.

Image of ballistic armor that's been shot

the darkmatter difference

DARKMATTER Energy Dispersal Pads address three critical issues encountered with body-worn armor systems:

kinetic energy transfer

DARKMATTER disperses the kinetic energy transferred nearly all forms of dangerous impact-ballistic, blunt force, vehicular, and more.

back face deformation

DARKMATTER reduces BFD more effectively than any other material on the market—mitigating the risk of Behind Armor Blunt Trauma (BABT)

fitment & comfort

DARKMATTER ensures fitment between armor and wearer—independent of gender, size, or body type—significantly increasing effectiveness and comfort.

darkmatter Energy dispersal pads

features & benefits

  • Reduce dangerous energy transfer and back face deformation (BFD) more effectively than any product on the market
  • Maintain resiliency in multi-hit scenarios
  • Lightweight, slim form factor allows for quick and easy integration with existing hard or soft armor systems
  • Improve fitment and comfort of body-worn armor for all genders, sizes, and body types
  • Field tested and Gold rated as part of the National Tactical Officers Association Member Tested & Recommended program
  • Manufactured in the USA at our VOSB-certified partner facility

dimensions & specifications

  • Dimensions: 10 in. (254 mm) W x 12 in. (304.8 mm) H x 0.35 in. (8.89 mm) D
  • Weight: 1 lb. / 0.454 kg
  • Cut Style: Shooters Cut (Additional sizing and cut information available upon request)

fitment & care

DARKMATTER™ pads are designed to be positioned between the ballistic armor and torso. View our Fitment & Care Guide for installation and care instructions.

proven science, proven results

Third-Party testing has proven DARKMATTER to provide the best protection of any ballistic trauma product on the market.

kinetic energy impact force reduction testing

Kinetic energy transfer testing was conducted to measure the external load impact to the body both with and without DARKMATTER material. Pressure values were captured with medical-grade fluid pressure monitoring systems in a controlled setting under expert oversight.

back face deformation mitigation testing

Back face deformation testing was conducted at an independent facility in accordance with NIJ 0101.06 testing standards. Comparative testing was conducted relative to both standalone ballistic armor as well as armor paired with commonly used ballistic trauma pads. 

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darkmatter armor integration: the future of ballistic protection

DARKMATTER Direct Armor Integration is available for armor manufacturers through our EDGE development program.

This process bonds DARKMATTER directly to armor plates, adding the protection and comfort benefits of our standalone pads and empowering the development of thinner, lighter, and more effective ballistic armor.

DARKMATTER Energy Dispersal Pads are a great addition to my kit. Very lightweight, and I love the added comfort. They provide additional protection and peace of mind for law enforcement officers in uncertain times.

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department of homeland security


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