darkmatter development programs

DARKMATTER’s development programs take our partner’s products to the next level through collaboration and combined expertise.

When your subject matter experts partner with our product designers, engineers, and material experts, DARKMATTER’s material science can greatly expand your products’ capabilities. Whether you’re looking to decrease energy transfer or redirect and harness it, we make energy work for you and your product.

innovation when it matters most

Join DARKMATTER and our legion of defenders, designers, and disruptors dedicated to innovation and improvement across a wide range of industries.



DARKMATTER EDGE enables you to integrate our industry-leading energy dispersal technology into all types of gear. Proven to be the most effective protection against kinetic energy transfer and blunt force injury from ballistic impacts, our variable composite technology can bring this level of protection to products across a wide range of industries.



DARKMATTER X looks beyond protection—empowering partners to harness DARKMATTER’s full range of material properties and capabilities. DARKMATTER’s energy redirection and anti-vibratory capabilities make it a perfect candidate for enhancing your existing products or developing revolutionary, disruptive applications.


Already a proven solution for minimizing Back Face Deformation (BFD) and Behind Armor Blunt Trauma (BABT). DARKMATTER can also be integrated into a variety of other tactical applications including ballistic shields, body-worn armor, vehicle up-armoring, and more.


The force of a ballistic impact is three times stronger than the impact force delivered by a hockey puck, baseball or lacrosse ball. Stay in the game with lightweight, versatile and flexible protection from DARKMATTER — perfect for protective padding, gloves, and other gear.


Don’t let cumbersome and heavy outdoor gear keep you from your next hiking, rucking, or climbing adventure. DARKMATTER’s ability to improve fitment, weight distribution, and comfort make it an ideal fit for a wide range of recreational outdoor products.


Create shoes and insoles that increase stability, maximize comfort, and allow athletes to capitalize on their effort and momentum. DARKMATTER’s energy return capabilities, return-to-form resiliency, and protective attributes can elevate the performance of everything from casual footwear to work boots, cleats, ice skates and running shoes.


Working in a labor-intensive industry puts significant strain on the body. DARKMATTER can improve the comfort, durability, and protective capabilities of gear such as gloves, knee pads and shoulder harnesses.

add next-generation energy optimization to your products with darkmatter

When you partner with DARKMATTER, the potential to maximize energy is endless. The same material designed for warfighters and law enforcement is ready to revolutionize sporting goods, footwear, outdoors and industrial gear.

Contact us today to create your next generation of products with DARKMATTER.

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