Monarc Announces Exclusive NATO Partnership for DARKMATTER WIth Endeavour Tactical

Endeavour Tactical is the exclusive provider of DARKMATTER® Energy Dispersal Pads and ArmorFit™ for all NATO Countries and Territories


ROCHESTER, NY, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2024 / — Monarc Holdings, a leader in innovative technologies that protect, people places and things, today announced a strategic partnership with Endeavour Tactical, a global distributor of military and tactical solutions. The partnership designates Endeavour as the exclusive supplier of Monarc products for all NATO countries and territories.

Endeavour Tactical is leading the distribution of both DARKMATTER® Energy Dispersal Pads and ArmorFit™ – the revolutionary new armor fitment and trauma protection solution.

DARKMATTER Energy Dispersal Pads work in conjunction with ballistic armor to reduce dangerous energy transfer and back face deformation (BFD) more effectively than any product on the market. The pads maintain resiliency in multi-hit scenarios, improve fitment and comfort, and are designed in a slim, lightweight form factor that allows for easy integration with existing armor systems.

ArmorFit fastens to ballistic plates to adapt them to individual body contours and provide secure fitment. ArmorFit’s personalized fit increases load-carriage support, removes restrictions on mobility and agility, and maximizes both ballistic protection and trauma protection through the use of DARKMATTER technology..

“Our partnership with Endeavour Tactical is a significant step forward in expanding the reach of our cutting-edge solutions,” said Joe Cufari, CEO of Monarc Holdings. “Endeavour Tactical’s extensive experience and established relationships within the NATO countries will ensure that our innovative products are readily available to those who need them most.”

“We are excited to be working as the exclusive partner for Monarc’s products in NATO countries,” said Tim Pattison, Director of Endeavour Tactical. “We are confident that these innovative solutions will be invaluable assets for our customers, enhancing their safety and operational effectiveness.”

About Monarc Holdings & DARKMATTER
Monarc Holdings drives the growth of innovative ideas and technologies that protect people, places, and things. A wholly owned subsidiary of Monarc, DARKMATTER Sciences designs and develops advanced material science solutions to optimize performance, protection, and comfort. For more information about Monarc Holdings and DARKMATTER, please visit and

About Endeavour Tactical
Endeavour Tactical is a leading global distributor of defense and tactical solutions, offering a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and expertise to military, law enforcement, and government agencies worldwide. The company is committed to providing its customers with the most advanced and reliable solutions available. For more information about Endeavour Tactical, please visit

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