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what is darkmatter?

According to modern science, dark matter is a mysterious substance that cannot be seen directly—but we know exists because of its effects on objects that we can see.

These measurable effects are what reveal its presence. That’s the genesis of the DARKMATTER name; undeniable performance whether you see it or not.

Designed to integrate into everything from everyday products to industry-specific scenarios, DARKMATTER measurably improves protection, performance, and comfort.

DARKMATTER was introduced in our Energy Dispersal Pads, which minimize the felt force of impacts to ballistic armor by dispersing the transferred kinetic energy. Mitigating injury for law enforcement, first responders, and warfighters was just the first of many potential applications of our next-gen technology.

darkmatter material properties & benefits

DARKMATTER’s variable composite technology can disperse, guide, or redirect kinetic energy better than any comparable material. Benefits and features include:

layered construction

DARKMATTER’s layered construction enables enhanced energy optimization, adaptability to a range of use cases, and the integration of technologies like biometric monitoring.

lightweight materials

DARKMATTER is comprised of premium materials that are lightweight and flexibleallowing for greater protection without adding heft or bulk.

return-to-form resiliency

DARKMATTER is extremely resilient with consistent return to form. This provides excellent energy return that can be leveraged across a wide range of applications and industries.

extreme durability

DARKMATTER’s excellent shear-strength stands up to extreme repetitive force, as demonstrated by its ability to maintain material effectiveness against multiple ballistic strikes.

vibration reduction

DARKMATTER dampens vibratory frequency, amplitude and acceleration making it ideal for vehicular and industrial applications.

maximized comfort

DARKMATTER’s materials improve fitment and weight distribution to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue.

testing results with impact

Third-Party testing has proven DARKMATTER to provide the best protection of any ballistic trauma product on the market.

kinetic energy impact force reduction testing

Kinetic energy transfer testing was conducted to measure the external load impact to the body both with and without DARKMATTER material. Pressure values were captured with medical-grade fluid pressure monitoring systems in a controlled setting under expert oversight.

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