revolutionary performance
unmatched potential

DARKMATTER® delivers a next-generation approach to optimizing kinetic energy. Our Variable Composite Technology can disperse, guide or redirect energy better than any other solution available today.

darkmatter directs kinetic energy to maximize protection, performance, and comfort when it matters most.



DARKMATTER’s original purpose of minimizing deadly energy transfer from ballistic impacts translates into unmatched impact protection across a wide range of applications.


performance potential

From vibratory tuning to directed energy return, DARKMATTER makes kinetic energy work for you rather than against you—enabling more efficient and effective performance in any industry.

premium quality

comfort & fitment

DARKMATTER energy optimization technology reduces fatigue and strain, while our proprietary layering system’s premium materials improve comfort, fit and feel.

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next generation technology
forged under fire

DARKMATTER technology debuted in our Energy Dispersal Pads—the future of ballistic trauma protection.

Designed for warfighters, law enforcement, and first responders, these standalone ballistic trauma pads work in conjunction with ballistic armor to reduce kinetic energy transfer and mitigate back face deformation (BFD), protecting against impact-related injuries—while also improving fitment and comfort.

DARKMATTER also offers Direct Armor Integration to armor manufacturers through our EDGE development program. This process bonds DARKMATTER directly to armor plates, adding the protection and comfort benefits of our standalone pads and empowering the development of thinner, lighter and more effective ballistic armor.

DARKMATTER Energy Dispersal Pads are a great addition to my kit. Very lightweight, and I love the added comfort. They provide additional protection and peace of mind for law enforcement officers in uncertain times.

special agent

department of homeland security



giving your products the edge when it matters most

Integrate DARKMATTER Energy Dispersal technology into your products with our EDGE Development Program.


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Contact us today to learn more about DARKMATTER development programs, Energy Dispersal Pad purchasing and reseller opportunities, or to request additional testing data.

A member of the DARKMATTER team will be in touch within two to three business days.

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